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The schoolteachers under United Teachers Council (UTC) had recently announced boycotting the PEC exams related duties as a protest against the Punjab government for ignoring their plight vis-à-vis disciplinary action against teachers, imposition of heavy fines, non-upgrade of posts, initiation of inquiries and privatisation of public schools etc.

5th Class Result 2017 8th Class Result 2017

United Teachers Council senior leader Hafiz Abdul Nasir said the schoolteachers were united vis-à-vis their call of boycotting the exam duties. Meanwhile, the Grand Teachers Alliance announced that directions had been issued to every district vis-à-vis boycott of exam duties and every district would inform the centre about progress with regard to decision on boycotting the exams. 

Class 5th Result Class 8th Result Class 5th Result 2017 Class 8th Result 2017

The principal said nursing administration has been directed to arrange lectures for newly-recruited nurses on daily basis to sensitise them about government health policies, infection control, campaign against dengue, polio and other diseases, discipline and humbleness with patients. He said educational documents of newly-selected nurses would also be verified from their educational boards concerned at the earliest.

The principal said that now it is the 8th Class Result 2017 responsibility of nurses to work with dedication and devotion to help ailing humanity 5th Class Result 2017 and to fulfill the expectations of government, masses, patients and their attendants.

The principal informed that in the PEC 5th Class Result 2017 history of Pakistan, nurses have been recruited through Public Service Commission for the first time. PEC Result This policy of the Punjab government is aimed at elimination of culture of nepotism and recommendation and to uphold merit and transparency. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has recently announced Rs 9,000 per month as the risk allowance for charge and head nurses which is a clear evidence of recognition of their services at government level, he added.

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